At we know that training isn’t just for textiles, it’s part of our everyday life without us even knowing it. So we’ve come up with a series of life tips that will help train you to get through life’s everyday struggles one tip at a time.

Sleep is so important for so many different reasons. It helps your performance, focus, muscle repair, mood, decision making and more. That’s why it’s important to ensure you’re getting enough sleep constantly. Follow these 5 tips to help enhance the quality of your sleep:

Tip 1: Schedule

Create a sleep schedule and stick to it, even on the weekend. If you go to bed and wake up at the same time everyday this helps to regulate your body clock and makes it easier to fall asleep. 

Tip 1: Ritual

Implementing a relaxing activity each night before bed that doesn’t include the light of your iPhone, laptop or TV will help you get to sleep easily and enjoy a deep sleep. We suggest making a tea (ditch the caffeinated ones and opt for a herbal one) and enjoy some light reading. 

Tip 3: Exercise

Making the time to exercise once a day, even if it’s a light walk, will help your sleep quality as well as a mile long list of other benefits. 

Tip 4: Environment

Ensure your room is set up to be a peaceful environment that promotes a good night’s sleep. Clean up any mess, turn off devices with lighting, check the temperature and invest in a scented candle or incense that’ll help you relax. 

Tip 5: Bed

Last but not least make sure your bed is up to scratch. Do you need a new mattress, pillows, doona or sheets? 

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