go here At textile.training we know that training isn’t just for textiles, it’s part of our everyday life without us even knowing it. So we’ve come up with a series of life tips that will help train you to get through life’s everyday struggles one tip at a time.

here It’s recommended to drink 2L (8 glasses) of water a day. This doesn’t have to all come from simply drinking water, you can also achieve this by including high water content foods. We’ve complied a list of the top 5  foods with the highest water content to help you get there.

http://vegdept.com/type/gallery/page/9/ Food 1: Cucumber

Water content = 97.6%
Cut up your cucumber and enjoy with your favourite dip or slice it up and add it to your salad.

go Food 2:  Iceberg Lettuce 

Water content = 95.6%
Lettuce gets a bad rap for being bland and boring, but it doesn’t have to be! To give it some more excitement add it to your favourite sandwich or use it as a bed for a chicken wrap. We’re also all for a yummy ceaser salad!

Dapoxetine Uk Cheap Food 3: Radishes

Water content = 95.3%
Providing a spicy/sweet flavour radishes are the perfect addition to salads  creating texture and colour. They’re also a great source of antioxidants.

click here Food 4: Tomatoes

Water content = 94.5%
Salads, sandwiches, sauces, the options are endless with tomatoes.  Enjoy them as part of a dish or simply eat them on their own! 

http://lehighvalleymagazine.com/2017/september-2017/gail-gray-home-furnishings-and-design/ Food 5: Green Peppers 

Water content = 93.9%
A great snack for your 3pm pick up. Simply slice up your pepper and enjoy with your favourite dip.

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