Australia’s manufacturing and industrial sector accounts for 20% of all serious workers compensation claims.  That’s 73 manufacturing or industrial workers per day suffering a workplace injury. [1] 

Safe Work Australia stats show that from 2003 to 2015, manufacturing had the fourth highest proportion of fatalities according to industry type, representing 9% (275) of all worker fatalities.

Unfortunately, young workers (15–24 year olds) in the manufacturing industry recorded an injury rate 44% higher than young workers in the Australian workforce as a whole. [2] 

Tailored training helps prevent workplace injuries.

Investing in WHS training makes business sense. Huntsman credits its staff WHS training with a reduction in insurance premiums and a staggering ROI of 1,277%.

Avoid common WHS issues with these 7 must-dos:

  1. Are your staff all actively acting as WHS ambassadors? Your staff are those on the front line and it’s critical they’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to work safely. Ensure they understand WHS in-depth, from the hierarchy of hazard control to employee and employer responsibilities to in-house policies for reporting and avoiding risk.  Tailored training provides them with the skills and knowledge to step-up and be your WHS ambassadors every time they step onto the factory floor or inside head office.
  2. Workplace violence is one of the most common WHS issues. Stop workplace harassment by running regular online refresher training for your staff.  Keep anti-bullying and equal opportunity policies front of mind through annual online training.
  3. Transport is another common cause of WHS incidents. Avoid transportation accidents by providing in-depth tailored exclusion zone training for all staff.
  4. What do rosters and mobile phone policies have in common? Many workplace accidents are caused by overwork, sleep deprivation or mobile phone usage on the job.  Have your staff sign off on the mobile phone policy through online tailored training.  This can form part of an annual refresher that reminds them of the policy, informs them of any updates and has them re-commit annually  to abiding by it. Overworked or underslept employees?  Include roster managers in WHS training to ensure requisite allowances are made for rest breaks.  It’s all about training! WHS training equips everyone from operating staff to managers with knowledge about how to avoid workplace accidents – and puts the onus on everyone to monitor their own safe work, including arriving at work well slept and fresh.
  5. Are you risk-mapping regularly? We know that undertaking job hazard analysis and risk-mapping are two smart ways to reduce potential dangers in your workplace. But many of us don’t do it nearly as often as we should. Making the time to step back and analyse your workplace can be the first step to hazard reduction. Set recurring times aside to do this in your calendar now!
  6. Call in the professionals – then share their knowledge. Like most manufacturing workplaces you probably work with WHS consultants who provide an overview of your WHS compliance and risk reduction opportunities.  But so often, the reports and results from these sessions stay with a select few managers, tucked away in filing cabinets rather than being shared throughout the whole workforce.  Sharing the outcomes of these sessions can amplify their impact.  At we provide you with your own learning management system.  It enables you to share findings and reports such as these amongst your entire staff, tracking who has read them and who hasn’t.
  7. Having trouble with staff not wearing required Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)? Monitor compliance using your own online learning management system.  It can track staff understanding of, and agreement to abide by, your WHS policies, including PPE.


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