If there’s one thing you can’t predict, it’s the future. However you can have a pretty good idea of where it’s headed. Here at textile.training we are thankful for the constant growth and improvement of technology and how it has helped us with delivering our training.

Gone are the days of hour long training sessions with handouts and PowerPoint slides (thankfully!) training has moved toward shorter, more effective sessions, less paper based and more digitally based.

Think of all the time you spend printing and filing documents, this time will now be spent working on these documents online and then being able to draw reports and conclusions on your staff members instantly, saving you time and therefore money!

New technologies can be viewed as scary and are often placed in the “too hard” box. However we believe they should be embraced by businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and are looking to grow and develop. These technologies are here to stay and we’re here to help you implement them the best way possible into your business.

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