Top Tips on Recruiting Millennials
We’re born between 1980 and 2000 and if you believe the stories, luring us in is a new kind of tricky! Looking to recruit millennials? Try these tips:

1. Learning and development opportunities
Meaningful development opportunities are critical for recruiting millennials.
A PWC study found that development opportunities were the main reason millennials had chosen their current employers. This makes training and development more important than pay, organisational reputation or even the role itself!
For millennials, ‘development and work/life balance are more important than financial reward: This generation are committed to their personal learning and development and this remains their first choice benefit from employers. In second place they want flexible working hours. Cash bonuses come in at a surprising third place.’

2. Career progression
Lure millennials to your company with clear progression pathways.
‘Career progression is the top priority for millennials who expect to rise rapidly through the organisation. 52%…[say] this was the main attraction in an employer, coming ahead of competitive salaries in second place (44%)’
Training is key to establishing progression pathways within your organisation. Training upskills your workforce, ensuring staff have the knowledge required to step up into more challenging positions.

3. Work/life balance
We’ll work hard but we want to play hard too. Work/life balance isn’t just jargon for millennials. We’ll leave jobs if we feel this balance isn’t being met.
Unfortunately, many millennials feel work/life balance promises aren’t always kept by employers. PWC’s study found that 28% of millennials interviewed said that the work/life balance was worse than they had expected before joining an organisation.

4. Positive Impact
Millennials are driven change-makers. And they expect their workplace to be a key part of this. We expect businesses to be at the forefront of strong social and environmental change.
Deloitte’s most recent millennials survey found that:
76% of millennials believe business has the power to make a difference
74% think business can solve today’s challenges but only 59% believe businesses are currently doing so
So, to get millennials through your door? Do more. Increase your social and environmental impact. Be a gamechanger. Show that you too believe in the power of business make change.
‘Millennials feel accountable for many issues in both the workplace and the wider world. However, it is primarily in and via the workplace that they feel most able to make an impact. Opportunities to be involved with “good causes” at the local level, many of which are enabled by employers, provide millennials with a greater feeling of influence.’

5. Diversity
It’s time to walk the talk when it comes to diversity. While most companies can point to their diversity policy, millennials see a gap between what’s espoused on paper and what’s happening on the ground.
We feel let down by employers when it comes to delivering on diversity promises. Over 50% of us say that while companies talk about diversity, opportunities still aren’t equal for all.

6. Collaboration and Connectedness
Collaboration – we’re all about it. Millennials thrive in connected, collaborative workplaces.
We’re the social media generation. We’re used to sharing across platforms. And we expect this in the workplace too.
‘This new generation of workers wants to use technology to connect with the world and their peers in ways that allow them to have deeper and more globalized connections…’
Many companies recognised as leading workplaces pride themselves on their technology enabled collaborative opportunities.
‘A great example is Procter & Gamble Inc. The company’s Toronto headquarters offers “digital workspaces” and open concept collaborative workspaces which feature technology to enable off-site employees to remain in touch with each other and their on-site team. This kind of flexibility makes it hard to not stay in the loop.’
At Re-Form, our clients receive their own branded learning platform that enables team collaboration on projects plus a virtual space to share and discuss ideas. These platforms are key to enhancing connectedness and collaboration.

The take-aways:
So, to wrap, us millennials are a multi-faceted bunch. We’re driven and socially conscious.
For us, work is more than just work. We have deep-held beliefs and want to live impactful lives; we see work as a key way to effect positive social and environmental change.
Strong training and development opportunities are key to our choice of workplace. We’re less driven by cash than we are by the chance to undergo training and development.
Adopt these findings and get ready to have us millennials knocking at your door!

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