Why work with us?

So, you like what you see but there’s a voice in your head asking “why would we work with textile.training?”


Well, here’s why:


Succession Planning

Our training allows you to identify star employees that have the potential to progress within the company. Developing training material that provides employees with in depth knowledge enables them to step up to the plate and allows for an easy transition to a higher position.

Compliance of SOP's

We know how long it takes to construct standard operating procedures and how important they are so it must be frustrating when staff don't follow them. Our LMS enables you to upload your SOP's and track and monitor which staff members have been trained and updated with new ones. This way there's no excuses when they aren't followed.

Staff Knowledge

Staff textile knowledge is key to your companies performance and success that's why here at textile.training we are dedicated to constructing company specific training that will strengthen your staff's knowledge and allow them to do their job to their best ability.

Company Knowledge

We know you've got some killer knowledge within your organisation, so we're here to help you lock this all up into one place. Your LMS acts as a central online platform you can store all of your organisational information and intelligence.

Attracting New Employees

Attracting new employees can be a challenge, but we've got a way to make it easier for you by promoting that your company offers on the job training.

Current Technology

Thanks to current technologies your training can be made a whole lot simpler and easier. With our help we can introduce latest technologies into your company to take your training to the next level.